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Bill O’Reilly – Fox News Has A Problem Without Me. Do you support him?

Former host at FOX News with his own “Bill O’Reilly Factor”, Bill was on this scene for too long.

But as we all know O’Reilly was fired from FOX News on April 19th, because of the sexual harrasment he was doing.

All his fans were so dissapointed because of the firing Bill from the Fox News. Statistics proved that Fox News viewers dropped after he was fired.

But we can still watch Bill O’Reilly on his online podcast that he is doing at

Glenn Beck from the “Glenn Beck Show” caught up with Bill, talking about his experience with the FOX and about why he was fired. (VIDEO BELOW)

Beck asked Bill – “You have been loved by the viewers and they fired you..”, Bill returned “If they wanted me to stay, they wouldn’t let me go. If you are loyal, you stay loyal”…

Beck returned – “Then why were you fired?..“, Bill returned – “We all know… Today Radio and TV’s are all for money… “

Some of the Bill O’Reilly viewers respones, to FOX firing him:

Miss Bill, Fox made a mistake.”

Miss Bill O’Reilly too… Fox News is on its way out- way too many libs being hired. Really loosing ratings, and only a few shows worth watching now.”

Bill will be with you against the media, who hate us all!

Bill O’Reilly has been talking about President Trump too on the full interview with Glenn Beck.

What are your thoughs on this folks? Comment down below!

Share this in sign of support to Bill O’Reilly. We really miss him so much on TV’s, we really do!


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1 thought on “Bill O’Reilly – Fox News Has A Problem Without Me. Do you support him?

    Edward L. McKneely

    (August 28, 2017 - 11:29 am)

    I support you. Yes we need you. Now do your part, and be there.

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