“EU to have new individuals after Brexit – likely Balkan states”

The EU will acknowledge new individuals when Britain leaves the piece, and those will likely be the Balkan nations, says Federica Mogherini.The EU remote strategy boss made this remark for the Italian daily paper La Stampa, while Sputnik conveyed it and noticed that Britain should leave the EU by the spring of 2019 and that of Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia are currently contender for EU enrollment.

  • “I am certain that the European Union won’t restrict itself to 27 individuals later on, in light of the fact that we will have new part states. I think they will be the Balkan nations with whom we are discussing participation. Many allude to this procedure as expansion, yet I want to discuss it as the reunification of Europe,” said she.

Mogherini “focused on that the connection between the EU and the Balkans has helped numerous nations in the district conquer the outcomes of the war that took after the separation of Yugoslavia.”

She included that these nations are confronting “a long and troublesome street – however it is sure they will proceed on that way, since they all have a typical future inside the European Union.”

Mogherini likewise reviewed that “many anticipated that Brexit would cause a domino impact, however this did not work out as expected – as affirmed by the triumph of the expert European competitor in the presidential decisions in France.”

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