PRAY for Barcelona! Trump says that AMERICA is safe place from TERRORISTS! Do you support him?

On Thursday, a van with unknown driver rammed into a bunch of people in Barcelona, killing 13 people and injuring at least 100 of them. This is reported as on of the worst attacks that happend in Spain since 2004, when 191 people were killed and more than 1800 injured!

The deadly assault was followed hours later by a second possible terror attack in Cambrils, south of Barcelona, where police shot dead five suspected terrorists.
After this attack happend every single country was PRAYING for Barcelona! The great powers knows that this attack is connected with ISIS! We know how AMERICAN soldiers are fighting against the terrorists over the years.

Last night Donald Trump said on twitter :


Donald Trump later that night also tweeted:

We know that our president will do everything to keep AMERICA safe!

Today Donald Trump tweeted :

What do you think about this folks?

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Share this in sign of support of BARCELONA and also for our PRESIDENT TRUMP for keeping AMERICA safe!


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