After Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders’ Weight, Sarah’s MOM Lets Hell Break Lose On Him

After Reporter Attacks Sarah Sanders’ Weight, Sarah’s MOM Lets Hell Break Lose On Him

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is one tough cookie — but don’t call her mom a “southern hamburger.” Sarah will brush it off, but her mother will NOT. Earlier this year, SNL used the term “southern hamburger” to disparage Sanders’ weight. The backlash was immediate among conservative circles, but the harassment didn’t end. This past Saturday, SNL featured a […]

James Woods

James Woods Was Bold Enough to Nail DACA ‘Scam’ in One Simple Tweet, and It’s Gone Viral

Everyone is weighing in on President Trump’s impending decision on whether or not Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program should remain in place absent some sort of Congressional legislation. While Trump is reportedly leaning toward ending the program with a 6-month delay to allow Congress to act, most Republican politicians and pundits are […]


DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Just CONFIRMED America’s WORST NIGHTMARE – TRUMP Was Right From The Beginning!

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has showed up on Tucker Carlson’s show and uncovered reality behind what the US government was doing under President Obama. The really stunning thing is that she is a reliable Democrat who has had enough of the falsehoods. Gabbar clarifies how the US was channeling cash into Arab nations with an end […]

Democrats Are Disappointed! Trump Wins Yet Again!

Democrats have been boasting about how they “won gigantic” when Rod Rosenstein chose remarkable prosecutor Robert Mueller to the Russia-race case. They have been acting like they “beat Trump” in spite of the way that their cases are BS. A segment of the more beguiling press were despite saying the White House should “furor” in […]